TEEKAY pipe couplings are a safe and reliable means of permanently joining pipes together without the need for flanging, welding, pipe grooving or threading. Simply place two pipe ends together, tighten the screws and the connection is made while allowing the end user to save Space, Weight, Time and Cost with every installation. Available in sizes from 21.3mm pipe OD up to 4200mm pipe OD, and rated up to PN16 for marine applications and PN42 for industrial applications. Teekay holds marine approvals with all major certification bodies.

, head quartered in France and listed on the Paris stock exchange, is one of the World's largest manufacturers of personal protective equipment with a strong distributor network across the Globe. Delta Plus manufactures PPE products to the latest International standards with CE certifications, and dedication to design, development and most importantly - Quality.

All Safe
ALLSAFE FZE, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, manufactures polyester lifting slings in accordance with BS 3481 PT2 1983 & EN 1492 – 2. ALLSAFE produces a wide range of safety products from lifting slings, cargo lashing to fall arrest systems. ALLSAFE Flat Lifting Slings: * Safety Factor 6:1 * Safety Factor 7:1 ALLSAFE Round Lifting Slings: * Tubular Round Slings * Center/Side Stitched Slings ALLSAFE Special Purpose Slings ALLSAFE Cargo Lashing ALLSAFE Personal Fall Arrest Products: * Safety Belts * Full Body Harnesses * Energy Absorbers * Connectors * Safety Sets
ESAB is the world's largest manufacturer of plasma cutters, welding equipment and welding consumables. With operations in 25 countries, ESAB serves the transport and off-road vehicle industry, the offshore, shipbuilding, power, process and construction industries and has a strong position in most of its major markets, supported by extensive distribution networks.

SIMA gaskets is an ISO and DNV certified gaskets manufacturer offering complete range of industrial gaskets including: soft cut gaskets, soft graphite gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, ring type joint gaskets, exchanger – metal gaskets, flat & serrated gaskets. With factories and distributor network spanning the MENA region to India, Sima services a vast segment of major clients including critical infrastructure within the Oil & Gas sectors.

3M is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for a variety of industries. A diversified technology company, 3M has a worldwide presence in several markets, including industrial, consumer electronics, telecommunications, computers, and peripherals, as well as the aerospace, military, automotive, and medical markets. We are official distributors of and thus represent 3M Industrial division for abrasive products.

MATECS supplies products and services and performs machine processing for the most varied branches of industry, such as the maritime, petrochemical and offshore industries, the dredging, waste disposal and paper sectors, crane construction, the environmental sector and numerous other branches.

  • Casting products for the dredging industry, sand and gravel extraction industry, mining industry, machine building industry and off-shore. Furthermore Matecs supplies casted products for general applications in the shipbuilding industry. Products include: Pumpcasings, inner pump casings, impellers, wear plates, suction mouth liners, liners, gear boxes. Various tailor made products.
  • Bearing Blocks for the waste disposal, machine building and food processing industries and for dry land or underwater applications in the dredging industry.
  • Dredge and regulating valves for application in the dredging industry and raw materials in the mining industry. Applicable on board of ships as well as on land.
BROOK CROMPTON is a leading manufacturer of electric motors for the global industrial market. Brook products are used in every industrial activity and are sold chiefly to OEMs - notably manufacturers of fans, pumps and compressors, mechanical handling and process machinery. Brook Crompton's standard motor range is the innovative 'W', which is up to 3% more efficient than other standard motors, resulting in a lower demand for energy and, therefore, cost savings for users – This is especially important considering that electric motors consume most of the generated electricity. The ‘W’ motor is a recipient of many accolades including Environmental achievement.

NELSON Stud Welding is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of weld stud fasteners and application equipment serving a broad range of markets on a worldwide basis including the automotive, construction and industrial markets. Stud welding products are suitable for the fastening needs of virtually every industry and our products include externally threaded fasteners, shear connectors, concrete anchors, punching resistor studs, inserts, ports, pipe & cable hangers, weld studs and bosses, and the equipment used to apply, assemble and weld these items.
CARLTSOE Safety Tools is one of the leading global manufacturers of Non Sparking, Non Magnetic, corrosion-resistant tools. Tools that are perfect for demanding jobs in high-risk surroundings like the offshore industry; natural-gas installations, oil tankers, gas works, oil drilling platforms, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, ammunition factories and aircraft factories etc.